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Sustainable asset retirement – what are the costs to safety?

Unlike the fast-moving renewables market, coal-fired power plants are facing a different kind of future. With the last coal power station in Britain being forced to shut its doors in 2025, power companies are busy devising repurposing, decommissioning and demolition plans for their much-loved assets.

Lack of investment, a retiring workforce, dependency on specialist contractors and already tight budgets are difficult conditions within which power companies need to deliver complex end-of-life projects. With the consequences of poor blow-down planning, well known within the industry, can these limitations be accepted?

Amidst a demanding regulatory framework such as the Construction (Design and Management) Regulations and one of the toughest safety regulators in Europe, this is the time to equip teams to make informed decisions, understand risk, manage suppliers and contractors proactively - thereby delivering your projects on time, to budget, effectively and safely.

Unlike regulatory compliance courses, our programmes are designed to enable you to structure your projects to maximise safety performance and achieve compliance whilst eliminating unnecessary frictional costs. Our programmes dispel the belief that rigorous cost management results in poor safety.

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