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The Regenerate Philosophy

ARMSA Consulting is proud to introduce regenerate - a pioneering R&D philosophy in innovative course development, design, delivery and feedback.  Because every course is centred around day to day activity, it is not only a learning experience for delegates but will deliver continuous improvement across your organisation, as already discovered by companies who have run our Managing Safely for the Power Sector course.

regenerate focusses on designing and delivering operational and business centred training for our clients, in keeping with ARMSA's vision and strategy.  Many of our progressive clients are moving away from training being a “box ticking” exercise - instead they seek instruction that provides impact, imparts relevant skills and can be used to improve business functions with immediate results. They also believe that feedback is essential offering more than a mere certificate.

We achieve this through regenerate which produces sector, client and role specific competencies.

We design and deliver training which is sensitive to your governance structure, organisational culture, systems and operations.  Our knowledge and experience allows us to take a robust yet pragmatic approach to support improvements in efficiency and effectiveness whilst enabling you to comply with safety standards and legislation.

The Benefits of Regenerate

Unlike generic off-the-shelf training, regenerate delivers:
  • Highly tailored client or sector specific training requiring little delegate interpretation.
  • A course that may be accredited by a professional organisation to match sector specification.
  • A balanced approach to meeting the technical and soft skills needs of delegates.
  • Client involvement in every stage of the R&D process, from specification to final approval.
  • A product that deals with fundamental management and operational issues facing high consequence organisations.
  • Provides on-site training and role-specific training, with competence and capability assessments.
  • High specification full colour workbooks that contains useful toolkits and reference that is designed for post course use.

Unrivalled Feedback

Our clients demand value adding feedback that is meaningful to the delegate and the organisation - more than a course evaluation can deliver.

regenerate has pioneered state of the art feedback that provides sustained return on your training investment. This comprises:
  • Individual role centred delegate development plans - designed for integration with the personal appraisal process.
  • Individual progress reports charting the development of the delegate during the course from a tutors perspective.
  • A report on the systemic improvements identified during the course.
  • Electronic reviews of delegates interpretation and use of the learning experience in their daily activity. This can be conducted quarterly or biannually.
  • If the course is accredited, a certificate from the awarding body.
  • Reciprocal feedback from delegates and clients allowing us to continually improve the course.

Regenerate, as you will agree is training truly redefined. Click here to view our course portfolio.

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