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Strategic Health and Safety

At ARMSA, we take great pride in our expertise and experience. The knowledge gained from working with a range of clients has empowered us to audit, develop and implement effective integrated safety, health and environment management systems for high consequence sectors.

By doing so, we greatly enhance the level of management control, and significantly improve internal communications.

Leadership changes, changing markets, diversity of fuels in the power sector, multiple operating locations and business units makes the management of health and safety crucial in this hazardous sector. ARMSA has assisted many organisations solve these challenges by taking a pragmatic and business-focused approach, and encouraging proactive co-operation within the existing team.

Some of our core strategic competences include: facilitating large scale safety transformation programmes, auditing, health & safety leadership mentoring, and board level strategy development, enabling the integration of health & safety targets and objectives.

And our process safety specialists are able to identify relevant KPIs and integrate these with existing business performance monitoring programmes and O&M Contracts.

Tactical Health and Safety

Our experience of working with clients indicates that improved worker welfare is best achieved through programmes which increase and maintain competence, establish co-operation amongst staff and business units, implement effective methods of communication and demonstrate clear and transparent management control.

Many of ARMSA’s clients have benefitted from this expertise, enabling them to effectively implement board room safety and operational control decisions on the shop floor.

Our tactical health and safety services are specifically designed to assist our clients in realising and exceeding performance targets.

Our strengths include auditing management systems, measuring behaviours and culture and developing contract management programmes. We also help our clients resolve challenging issues posed by complex supply chain structures, in order to optimise performance.

Operational Health and Safety

Our operational expertise is unrivalled.

With a combined 45 years experience in high consequence sectors, ARMSA understands and can rapidly respond to the changing technology, increasing globalisation, and the intricacies of local and international standards.

But most importantly, we understand the needs of the worker to protect himself, his colleagues and the environment. We are able to support our clients risk control programmes using a variety of management skills and techniques.


Our Health and Safety Capabilities