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You will be aware that the unprecedented record-breaking cost reductions in offshore wind benefits large energy infrastructure but what are the costs for safety?

Christmas came early last year with investments of c. £17.5bn in the announced round 3 extensions to the UK offshore wind power fleet. Strike prices as low as £58 per MWh would not have been achieved without serious lobbying of the supply chain in order to make bids viable, resulting in costs of construction and supply almost halving.

What impact is this likely to have on the quality, safety and cost control within complex offshore construction? Much of it is dependent on smart contracting and commercial strategies, stringent work package controls, competent work forces and let’s face it, working leanly.

Amidst a demanding regulatory framework such as the Construction (Design and Management) Regulations and one of the toughest safety regulators in Europe, this is the time to equip your teams to make informed decisions, understand risk, manage suppliers and contractors proactively - thereby protecting your projected internal rate of return, delivering your projects on time, effectively and safely.

Unlike regulatory compliance courses, our programmes are designed to enable you to structure your projects to maximise safety performance and achieve compliance whilst eliminating unnecessary frictional costs. Our programmes dispel the belief that rigorous cost management results in poor safety.

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