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ARMSA at the IOSH 2017 Conference, 20-21 Nov 2017
Rakesh Maharaj, Managing Director at ARMSA Consulting is presenting at IOSH's 2017 annual conference. The international event of the year for health and safety professionals focuses in 2017 on Transforming health and safety across the world. The event is taking place on the 20th and 21st of November in ICC, Birmingham. Rakesh is sitting on the panel and is also one of 3 speakers addressing International perspectives on safety, health and well-being for the 21st century.

The panel

The presentation

The presentation is taking place on the first day of the conference. It looks into Innovations, robotisation and ‘artificial intelligence’ (AI) and how they are rapidly transforming work environments across many sectors. Concerns for jobs security, user safety, quality of decision-making and de-skilling are being raised, as is the pace of change. The ethical issues pertaining to AI remain in their infancy. The panel will challenge the assumptions that support and maintain current practices, and discuss the emerging hazards, new insights and innovations in health and safety for the 21st century.
More information on the event can be found on IOSH's website at and

ARMSA at the HSE Excellence & Sustainability Summit, 2-3 Nov 2017

ARMSA Managing Director Rakesh Maharaj presents a case study at the HSE Excellence & Sustainability Summit, 2nd & 3rd November, 2017 in Düsseldorf.

The Health, Safety and Environmental (HSE) Excellence & Sustainability Summit is designed to address companies challenges, concerns and opportunities regarding the complex and varied requirements of climate change and sustainability. The Summit brings together directors, managers and professionals to educate and foster discussions on efficient ways to promote and maintain an ethical workplace atmosphere that is accident-free and human and environment responsible. The event is scheduled to take place in Düsseldorf this year, specifically at the Hilton Hotel. Some of the topics it will tackle in this instance include but is not limited to:

  • Creating a winning safety culture leadership and behavioural program.
  • Driving good health, safety and environmental management through supply chain and contractor management systems.
  • The role of technology in supporting decision in promoting employee safety and security at work.
  • Harnessing big data analytics for health and safety performance
  • An innovative approach to asset management for improved effectiveness, efficiency and safety as presented by Rakesh Maharaj.

Rakesh Maharaj, the Managing Director of ARMSA Consulting, has been invited to present at the Summit. Uniquely experienced in delivering contentious and non-contentious HSE projects, in his early career, Rakesh has led Panels of Inquiry into several high profile workplace fatalities in the utilities sectors. Nowadays, he uses his skills in strategy development and global transformation to design business and operationally centred solutions.

Rakesh's 60-minute topic is entitled "Concluding Safely – For Innovators Only: An Offshore Renewables Case Study" which explores:

  • A holistic approach to asset management
  • Using informed management decision making to tangibly improve outsourced service performance, asset reliability, integrity and safety
  • Unscrambling organisational and operational silos to unlock value, whilst enhancing effectiveness, efficiency and safety
  • Shifting paradigms - appreciating HSE as a business outcome

If you would like a copy of Rakesh’s slides, do not hesitate to contact Manuella Essaka.

About ARMSA Consulting

We are a team of Management Consultants, specialising in transformation change within the energy and power sectors.  Through strategic and tactical diagnostics, we drive effective change.  This results in:

  • empowered business decision making;
  • enhanced core competence;
  • resource optimisation and improved supply chain performance.

This delivers consistently safer outcomes and opportunities for revenue protection and growth.

Winning solution sheds light on product safety at Global Awards
ARMSA Consulting and EDF Energy have won Risk Management Solution of the Year at the prestigious IRM Global Risk Awards.  
The companies scooped the 2014 award for their Product Risk Safety Matrix (PRiSM), a user-friendly piece of software that evaluates product safety based on key physical and environmental risks, as well as compliance with relevant legislation.
IRM’s Risk Management Solution category honours providers who have developed a successful technical solution that advances the management of risk. Winners must demonstrate team working, high level project management, solution integration and value added.
Candy Holland, president of the Chartered Institute of Loss Adjusters and managing director of Echelon Claims Consultants, presented the award to ARMSA and EDF Energy at a ceremony at the Grand Connaught Rooms in London.  
“This award recognises the collaboration of two dedicated teams with a shared commitment to consumer safety,” said Rakesh Maharaj, Managing Director of ARMSA Consulting.
“PRiSM shows how informed management decision making – backed by technology – can produce a real cultural shift that improves organisations’ performance and ability to control risk.” 
“We knew from the start that our partnership with EDF Energy was going to be a great fusion of expertise,” added Khalida Suleymanova, ARMSA’s Client Development Manager.
Under the Energy Companies Obligation and to fulfill its commercial objectives, EDF Energy is committed to bringing high quality, internationally-sourced energy-saving products to the UK domestic market. As well as being innovative and efficient, the products must also be safe and comply with all consumer and product legislation.
The matrix is made up of 16 questions, which technical product managers use to analyse each product and make informed decisions about its compliance with the health, safety and environmental criteria laid down by EU and UK regulations and EDF Energy’s own additional requirements..
“Most importantly, PRiSM helps us fulfill our ultimate goal: to ensure that the energy-saving products we offer to EDF Energy consumers are compliant and, above all, safe,” said Noeleen Keane, Manager of Technical Development at EDF Energy.
“Successful project management and team working have been vital to the development and launch of the PRiSM,” she added. “And the IRM award is a real testament to the success of that approach.
“By working collaboratively, ARMSA Consulting helped us get our internal teams working consistently and really taking ownership of PRiSM during its development.” 
The introduction of PRiSM also helped EDF Energy to further identify where new policies and processes were required at other strategic times within the new product lifecycle.
To find out more, contact Khalida Suleymanova on 0844 880 5111, or email

About EDF Energy
EDF Energy is one of the UK’s largest energy companies, producing about one fifth of the nation's electricity from its nuclear power stations, wind farms, coal and gas power stations and combined heat and power plants. The company supplies gas and electricity to 5.8 million business and residential customer accounts and is the biggest supplier of electricity by volume in Great Britain.
EDF Energy’s safe and secure operation of eight existing nuclear power stations across the country makes it the UK’s largest generator of low carbon electricity. The firm is also at the forefront of the planned nuclear renaissance.
EDF Energy is part of EDF Group, one of Europe’s largest power companies. The company employs around 15,000 people in the UK alone.
For more information, visit
About IRM Global Risk Awards
The Institute of Risk Management (IRM) is the world's leading enterprise risk education institute. It supports risk professionals by providing the skills and tools needed to put theory into practice in a constantly changing and challenging business environment.
IRM’s Global Risk Awards recognise and celebrate outstanding achievements in risk management.
The 2014 award ceremony took place on 27 February at the Grand Connaught Rooms in Covent Garden, London.
Nominations were submitted from across the globe, and the cross-continent judging panel comprised 35 leading risk management practitioners, academics and experts.
For more information, visit

Successful ARMSA Consulting Project Results in Conference Seminar
As a result of groundbreaking work with REG Group of Companies, which includes REG Windpower and REG Biopower, ARMSA Consulting has been invited to contribute to a prestigious industry event, and been shortlisted for an associated award. 
Representatives from ARMSA Consulting and REG Windpower will present a case study on 'Leadership and Organisational Change' on 31 January 2013 as part of the Renewable UK Health & Safety 2013 Conference and Exhibition in Sheffield, and ARMSA has been nominated as a finalist in the 2013 Renewable Energy Health and Safety Award. 
Voting is now open for the award at 
The partnership has been the result of ARMSA effectively completing an innovative project, which led to REG Group of Companies performing better by resolving difficult safety-related issues. The project was the first of its kind within the renewable energy market and created a unified cultural shift that has engaged and unified all employees to control risk, leading to significantly improved business efficiencies. 
As a result of this hugely successful partnership, Rakesh Maharaj, Managing Director of ARMSA Consulting and Neil Crudgington, Project Manager at REG Windpower will present the Leadership and Organisational Change initiative at the Renewable UK Health & Safety 2013 Conference and Exhibition, using REG Windpower as a case study to discuss transformational leadership and the importance of developing an effective and robust safety culture within high consequence organisations.
What's more, the project also resulted in ARMSA Consulting being nominated as one of seven finalists in the 2013 Renewable Health and Safety Award. The voting process closes at 5pm on 29th January 2013 and the winner will be announced at the exhibition and conference on 30th January 2013.
The industry seminar hosted by Rakesh Maharaj and Neil Crudgington will concentrate on the partnership between ARMSA Consulting and REG Group of Companies. ARMSA Consulting was initially instructed by the two subsidiaries to conduct health and safety audits of their operations. The audits identified operational risks at wind farms in the case of REG Windpower and at oil recycling plants in the case of REG Biopower. Not unusually within this sector, the subsidiaries were vulnerable, as was the holding company, and an appropriate and satisfactory risk management strategy was required. Corporate Governance Directives were created and, by taking the responsible approach to impose Directives and monitor performance, the holding company ring-fenced its risk, placed responsibility for managing risk with the parts of the organisation best equipped to do so and limited its liability. 
This holistic approach has resulted in REG Windpower achieving far greater benefits than just 'taking care of safety'; a cultural shift is underway and as a result of taking proactive steps, REG Windpower is now equipped with the right people and the right tools, in the right place at the right time. 
Representing ARMSA Consulting, Rakesh Maharaj says: “Our partnership with REG Windpower has allowed us to demonstrate how ARMSA’s multidisciplinary skills can bring further value to a successful business that has had rapid growth in recent years but its underlying systems, processes and measures have not always been aligned to the pace of growth - leading to potentially higher commercial and operational risks."
Neil Harris, Construction and Operations Director of REG Windpower states: "Our holding company initially employed ARMSA Consulting to conduct a one-off safety audit but out of this came so much more. Working with us over a period of 14 months, they have now designed a holistic business solution that has minimised our corporate risk and re-engineered our business processes. Out of this exercise I now have an effective overall business reporting team that I can utilise to give clear and concise information to the Board." 
For further information on how managing and controlling risk can significantly benefit overall business performance, please call Khalida Suleymanova at ARMSA Consulting on +44 161 870 1143 or visit   
About REG Group of Companies
The REG Group of Companies comprises amongst others REG Windpower and REG Biopower. 
REG Windpower, started as the Cornwall Light and Power Company in 1989, one of the country’s leading developers and operators of small to medium-sized wind farms, operating 10 wind farms around the UK. The portfolio of sites includes 41.15MW of operational capacity, with another 900MW in development. 
REG Biopower has developed an industry leading process which transfers energy from a renewable source, i.e. cooking oil, into carbon neutral electricity. For more information on REG Group of Companies, please visit 

Delegates Praise Benchmark Wind Power Course

"It gives you all the information you need"

ARMSA delegates at the latest Managing Safely for Wind Power course held in the North West have been quick to praise the content and delivery of this ground breaking formula which marks a deliberate move away from generic all-industry safety training courses. This totally unique IOSH accredited course, devised by ARMSA Consulting in collaboration with the UK's leading Wind Power Generation companies, is packed with relevant critical information for engineers and management working on and off shore and gets to the heart of the planning and design, construction, operations and maintenance issues which are specific to this sector. At the end of the comprehensive five day session, delegates were asked to provide their opinion on whether the course had changed their approach to health and safety management, what impact it will have on their business performance, which particular part was most beneficial and how this course compares to other health and safety courses available in the market.

Jessica Haywood, RWE NPower, commented "The main way the course will change my operational practices is in the way I carry out risk assessments. We currently use a computerised programme only but I now think that’s slightly limiting. The ARMSA course has taken me through all the critical steps required, making sure I understand and don’t miss anything before I take the information to the computerised system. That has to be beneficial. The course has also taught me that managing safety and change techniques are important and you must understand everyone's point of view to enable successful change. How they perceive things as opposed to how you perceive things can be very different and very interesting."
Jessica continues "I've been on other courses - risk awareness and risk assessment - so you would think that I should know how to do risk assessment - but I now realise that the definitions weren’t previously clear to me. Now I've learnt clearer definitions to give me a better understanding of why you do certain processes, helping me to see the whole picture and its impact on the business. When introducing new things into the business it's important to understand how they change the whole business. Definitely this course presents a holistic approach to enable better operational efficiencies."

Marcin Frost, Weir Group says "This course has certainly widened my insight about safety within an organisation and how it affects all managers within all departments. I am now seeing it through their eyes. Going forward, this means our business will have more clarity. Having that knowledge after the course is definitely going to help us."

He continues "This course is completely different to other courses. It's not the typical health and safety course. In fact, this completely changes my opinion to health and safety courses! I used to think they were boring and repetitive and irrelevant to what I'm doing on a daily basis but this course relates exactly to every single issue I come across in daily life. It gives you all the information you need."

Neil Crudgington, REG Windpower told us "Managing Safely for Wind Power has given us a different insight into how to manage safety. I think we previously looked at it very much as a compliance issue whereas this course has really given us a focus. I can see where managing safety can actually benefit through the whole business. This perspective can actually change the way we approach things across the business and we can integrate safety in a more comprehensive way. Interestingly the section focused on the performance side of the business gave us an idea of how to set targets i.e. if you measure something it tends to get better. This course definitely gives you essential and relevant tools so I would say it's been really useful. Safety courses don’t tend to have a good reputation, whereas I've enjoyed it very much."

Grant Henderson, RWE NPower says "This course has certainly re-set my expectations of what is required for my role within the wind power industry and its actually highlighted some deficiencies within our organisation that we have to address. I've done risk assessment before but never to this level and never so in-depth. That's been a really useful tool. Compared to other courses this is far more in-depth and far more packed with real world experiences. The ARMSA model relates the information to real industry experiences. In my opinion, other courses are far too theoretical and the instructors don’t have the same real world knowledge. I would definitely recommend ARMSA Consulting's courses."

Owned by critical business solutions specialist, ARMSA Consulting, Managing Safely for Wind Power has been created with significant financial investment to compile and present a kaleidoscope of fascinating on-the-button market-savvy information not available in any other session anywhere in the world. The touchstone product to enlighten wind power delegates on their capacity to add value to their organisation, the ethos of the course is this: By improving health and safety, not only are workers and corporate reputations protected, but there is also a strategic focus on supporting company effectiveness, returns on investment and operational efficiency.

For more information on how you or your employees can benefit in 2012 from this indispensable five day information source please call ARMSA Khalida Suleymanova on 0844 880 5111.


ARMSA Delivers Wind Power Training Courses to Siemens

Business solutions specialist, ARMSA Consulting, is delighted to announce that the dedicated  Siemens wind power training facility in Newcastle, part of Siemens Energy Service, is investing in  'Managing Safely for Wind Power', ARMSA's acclaimed IOSH accredited course. The touchstone product in terms of critical information and delivery, 'Managing Safely for Wind Power' is the only IOSH accredited course which has been created with over £80k investment and devised in collaboration with the UK's leading Wind Power Generation companies. Regarding health and safety as an intrinsic part of both a person's and an organisation's overall operational efficiency, this unique 5 day course gets to the heart of the planning and design, construction, operations and maintenance issues which are specific to this sector, ensuring participants receive relevant, engaging and essential information which proactively energises and empowers them, providing decisive nuts and bolts tools and techniques which can significantly improve workplace efficiency. Siemens has asked ARMSA Consulting to run 18 of these courses from its Newcastle training facility over an 18 month period so that up to 250 of its senior managers and supervisors can experience  the course benefits. 

Keith Hunter, Head of Training at Siemens, says "Siemens is involved in many exciting new onshore and offshore projects and it's imperative that we deliver exciting customized customer solutions and innovative services to all of our customers. We are impressed with the wealth of market-specific information and the unambiguous delivery of the ARMSA Consulting course and it's clear that the company's forward-thinking ethos fits ours. ARMSA Consulting is building a reputation for challenging the perceptions of risk through vital active learning and we agree with its argument that.

by improving health and safety, not only are workers and corporate reputations protected, but there is also a strategic focus on supporting company effectiveness, returns on investment and operational efficiency.    This course will provide a valuable additional training resource and we really look forward to the roll-out."

Siemens' wind power service teams at its £8m UK training centre, one of four across Siemens globally, provide critical support for hundreds of new and existing projects in the UK, in particular the Crown Estate Round 3 offshore wind power development programme and Scottish Waters. These programmes are targeted to deliver 37 gigawatts (GW) of energy from renewables for the UK over the next two decades which equates to a seven fold expansion from a 2010 capacity of 5 GW. The dedicated training facility includes a fully loaded 2.3 megawatt (MW) nacelle and an offshore 3.6 MW turbine and this level of investment illustrates Siemens' commitment to equip its wind power service technicians with the vital skills required to meet the exacting service needs of the industry today and tomorrow.

For further information on ARMSA Consulting's unique integrated service solutions please call 0844 880 5111.   


ContourGlobal implements MS for Power Sector Programme
ContourGlobal, the acclaimed international power company with over 1500 employees across four continents, is underlining the critical value it places on global standards of safety awareness and environmental management by implementing a progressive 'Managing Safely for the Power Sector' course across its entire operation.   Expertly developed by benchmark professional services provider ARMSA Consulting, the course is devised to empower ContourGlobal's engineers and managers to improve their operating efficiencies whilst placing safety at the heart of the organization.  The only tailor-made course to cover health and safety as an intrinsic part of both a person's and an organization's competency and performance, by implementing the training across every one of its power facilities ContourGlobal is holding all of its international operations to the same high set of standards and demonstrating its leading-edge commitment to a sustainable future which affirms worker safety.

Successfully piloted at ContourGlobal's recently acquired power plant in Bulgaria, the course benefits fully from ARMSA Consulting's signature principles that, first and foremost, power industry courses must fully relate to the management and operational issues that power companies face, furnishing participants with market-current and market-relevant information which allows them to directly face and challenge existing perceptions of risk within their work environment.   Secondly, ARMSA Consulting places safety at the centre of the entire decision making process so that it entirely underpins the work ethic, recognizing its role in business planning and change management to provide participants with breakthrough techniques to manage teams and overcome barriers to change, giving them the essential management tools to achieve wider personal and operational growth.  

Participant feedback from the inaugural course at the Bulgaria plant was extremely positive.    Participants felt the course was extremely relevant to their sector and their job role, helping them to improve work performance and giving them a greater capacity to implement these concepts in their projects.  Recognized for its strong entrepreneurial culture, its focus on efficient and reliable operations and its capacity to act quickly when new opportunities emerge, ContourGlobal is exploring global implementation of the course so that employees in any of the coal, oil, natural gas, biomass, biogas, hydroelectric, solar and wind power plants can all gain from its teaching.     

For further information on ARMSA Consulting including specific course information for 'Managing Safely for the Power Sector' please call 0844 880 5111 or visit 


About ContourGlobal

ContourGlobal is a New York based international power company with 3,250 MW in operations or under construction in 20 countries. With over 1,500 people on four continents, ContourGlobal develops and operates electric power generation facilities powered by natural gas, hydro, wind, solar, biomass, coal and fuel oil. The Company focuses upon high-growth, under-served markets and innovative niches within developed markets. In 2011, the turnover of the group will be approximately $900 million USD.   For more information, visit